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Welcome to The Hemp Consultants

In the summer of 1994 the concept of The Hemp Consultants was conceived in Bellingham, WA with the goal of creating a central hub to all things hemp. After nearly two decades, that concept has grown into a reality and is the source of information and contacts now at your fingertips.

We have been collecting information from a variety of resources for the past 19 years including books, research papers, trade journals, lectures, conversations and periodicals, and we are here to share that collection with you now. 

We recommend if you aren't familiar with hemp that you begin with the page What is Hemp? It is a brief overview of the simplistic plant at the center of controversy for much of the 20th century. We have attempted to make the menu very user-friendly but if you have a specific question and cannot seem to locate the answer, please email us or leave a comment on our guestbook. We look forward to hearing from you with questions, comments or kudos. 

The Hemp Consultants

In 1916, the USDA predicted that hemp would be the primary source for making paper in the United States by 1950. 

In Bulletin 404, the USDA reported that one acre of hemp grown in less than 120 days could produce as much paper-making materials as 4.1 acres of 30 year grown trees. 

To read Bulletin 404 in its entirety, please click here.

Anything can be made from hemp and has been for centuries. Check out our Hemp Marketplace and see if something catches your eye. Key chains, wallets, dog collars, clothing and much more. Many items made in the US or Canada.

Historical Fact:
In 1942 the Japanese cut off America's supply of hemp from the Philippines and India. Hemp was a valuable necessity as it had always been in human industry and Japan had succeeded in cutting off all America's imports. With no idea how long the war might last, the United States government decided to farm hemp to temporarily supply the much needed hemp for its industrious fiber. Click the "HEMP for VICTORY" link below and see a part of American history in the 13 minute film made by the USDA called "Hemp For Victory." The leading states in hemp production were Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin at this time. We support "HEMP for VICTORY in the 21st Century" and after watching this video, we think you will too.

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